Foods to Avoid

A good diet implies the balance between all the nutrients, but the rhythm of life and work often prevents us from eating healthy and therefore we turn to processed foods.


Figures from INEGI show that there has been an increase in the consumption of sweets and snacks. The National Health and Nutrition Survey for the Half Way 2016 reported that households spent 47% of expenditures on animal protein foods, 35.3% on compounds, carbohydrates and fats, 15% on foods with vitamins and minerals, while only 2.6% to products of natural origin.


It is advisable to reduce or avoid these foods that contain high caloric levels, which contribute to obesity and do not contain the nutrients necessary for a good physical and mental development.


Among the foods we should avoid are soft drinks, French fries, artificial sweeteners, fast food hamburgers or hot dogs, donuts, processed meats such as ham, sausages or bacon, instant soups, packaged sweet rolls and powdered flavorings for water.


There are alternatives; it is just a matter of changing habits.