Having more sex increases intelligence

Not only does cultivating the mind increase intelligence, but also practicing sex can develop the intellect.


This is according to a study by the Universities of England (Oxford and Coventry) that found a link between regular sex and the growth of nervous tissue in the area of the brain that controls our emotions and memory.


In the study, 73 people (28 men and 45 women) between 50-83 years of age were asked about the frequency with which they had sex and the results showed that 37 of them had weekly, 26 monthly and 10 infrequently or almost never.


At the same time the intelligence was evaluated through and found that those who had sex more frequently always had results above the others; 2 percentage points above those who have monthly relationships and 4 points above those who have it infrequently or almost never.


Participants who reported having more sexual activity performed better than the rest with a special emphasis on language fluency.