Megarexic: the mirror that shows you thin

Despite its extreme thinness an anorexic person looks obese in the mirror. The megarexic has the opposite effect, which sees in its reflection someone thin and healthy even with severe problems of obesity and simply does not accept it.

According to Jaime Brugos, a Spanish nutritionist who coined this term, it is estimated that for each anorexic there are ten megarexics who consider that they do not have any health problems, do not care about their figure and eat what they like, in other words, fried foods, carbohydrates, fats and sweets.
In addition, thinking that excess weight is synonymous with strength and vitality, makes people with this disorder to not exercise and have unhealthy lifestyles, which leads in the long run to problems not only of obesity, but also of malnutrition and even anemia.
Some symptoms are that they disdain medical opinions, feel healthy even if they have dizziness or low energy which they compensate with food, are defensive, run away from photos and eat more than what their body requires.

The good news is that in health centers there are specific therapies for this eating disorder, with psychological sessions and nutritional support.