IMSS to repeat tender in Puebla for alleged advantage to American Baxter

  • The internal comptroller of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the Secretariat of Public Function, investigate possible facts of collusion between the State Delegate and executives of the Baxter subsidiary in Mexico


Mexico, Jun 23 (EFE).- The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) will repeat a tender for the acquisition of dialysis equipment in its delegation in the city of Puebla, one of the most populous entities in the country, located in the center of Mexico, after the Director General of the IMSS, Mikel Arriola Andoni, requested the Internal Control Body (ICO) of the agency to carry out, in its area of ​​competence, an investigation to ensure that the tender procedure is transparent, as various anomalies were detected during the contest process favoring the American Baxter in the contest.


On June 5, Arriola requested the ICO “to carry out the investigations into this matter, in its area of ​​competence, leading to the bottom of the issue and to transparent the procedure for the tender LA-019GYR006-E109-2017, in order to grant the Integral Service of Automated Peritoneal Dialysis for prevalent patients, for the year 2017.


According to an official statement published on its website by the IMSS, the OIC in the institute, in its capacity as comptroller, ordered the delegation in Puebla “to replace the procedure through which the Comprehensive Service of Automated Peritoneal Dialysis was tendered” In the center of the controversy.


The IMSS clarifies in the note that its delegation in Puebla “will have 6 days from the notification to complete it” and, “as long as this tender process is restored, at no time will the service be at risk, which the right holders have guaranteed”.


On June 19, the ICO ordered to modify the terms of the tendering procedure since in these terms, only the automated dialysis equipment through the hydropneumatic system (which is the exclusive property of the Baxter brand in Mexico) was considered, excluding the system by gravity, which limits the participation of more suppliers, since the convener did not accredit that there is a supply that can be offered by the team in the form and terms required”.


At the center of the controversy is also the delegate of the IMSS in Puebla, Enrique Doger, for allegedly receiving money from Baxter to make the impression of his first activity report, considered an activity of political proselytism, given that Mr. Doger is an aspirant to the Government of that State for the year 2018, information arisen in the press and that he assures is “completely false”.


Based on the administrative order issued by the IMSS’s OIC, the Public Service Secretariat (SFP), which is responsible for investigating and punishing Mexican government officials who are linked to corruption issues, must carry out a investigation against the officials who participated in the tender process to clarify the facts and determine the corresponding actions according to the legal framework, both for the officials of the institute as well as for executives of the company Baxter.