Recommendations to be healthier at work

The workplace is related to stress because we frequently develop habits that influence our physical and emotional health that affect commitment and work performance.

Poor posture, long hours in front of the computer, poor nutrition or prolonged exposure to air conditioning can damage health. It takes small changes to make the work environment healthier.

Here are some recommendations:

Sitting for long periods of time contributes to a decreased metabolism and heart rate, so it is suggested to get up and walk or stretch a little every hour and a half or two hours. If possible, you can stimulate specific areas with gentle movements of wrists and legs.

Good posture
The head should be aligned with the spine, the back resting on the seat and the shoulders relaxed. If we sit on the edge of the chair the lumbar muscles can be affected also, so it is recommended that two thirds of the thigh be supported.

Respect lunchtime

Establish a schedule for food and rest; if it is interrupted or altered, it generates the feeling of prolonged and constant work, which exhausts the worker. Don┬┤t skip breakfast, drink water and maintain a healthy and balanced diet is possible to avoid diseases.

Eyesight rest
The screen should be between 45 and 60 centimeters away and it is imperative to have a good light source. It is recommended to divert your eyes from the computer from time to time, especially when you feel eyestrain. And minimal exercises can be done like constant blinking or close your eyes to rest your eyesight.