Stress generated by noise, produces chronic-degenerative diseases

Prolonged exposure to noise as well as causing deafness also generates stress, which leads to diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes, among others.

This was stated by Santiago Jesús Pérez Ruiz, a researcher at the Center for Applied Science and Technological Development (Ccadet), who mentioned that the main source of noise pollution in cities comes from cars.

In an interview with the Information Agency of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), Pérez Ruiz explained that the key in the development of other diseases that are not hearing related, comes from the intensity of stress caused by prolonged exposure to high emissions of noise.

The above will depend on combinations of factors such as the nature of the noise, its volume, tone, predictability, and profession, as noise levels in specific circumstances can favor stress, especially on a tired person.

According to the Civil Protection Secretariat, Mexico City has ten million people and is considered one of the cities with the highest noise pollution, so that the health effects of people go from the physical to the psychological level.